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Remote Business Specialist

Tunnll , Anywhere · · Full-time employment · Business/Management

We are looking for business specialists who will help our organization to launch in new locations, maintain growth for existing projects and find new locations to grow to.

Key Responsibilities

  • Build business cases for various projects of the company (research and analyze the market, forecast potential revenues, identify risks, etc.).
  • Facilitate project launches by building detailed preparation and implementation plans.
  • Maintain smooth communication in our distributed organization by applying your excellent cloud file management, Office and Outlook skills.
  • Calculate and forecast net income, net profit, gross-profit, EBIT, ROI, write-offs (depreciation, amortization of various assets) and operating expenses for various innovation projects pursued by the company, including start-up projects.
  • Support the management of KPI and financial budgeting and forecasting.
  • Regular review of KPI performance.
  • Ad hoc reporting.


  • a BSc or MSc degree in Business, Economics, Accounting or related areas.
  • Ability to present a sound business case and findings as a result of interpreting large amounts of data.
  • A certificate of completion of a set of courses (specialization) like Business Foundations or a similar set of courses is required (this can be replaced by your BSc or MSc degree courses).
  • A certificate of completion of a course like Business Writing or other Business Writing-related course is required.
  • A certificate of completion of a set of online courses like Microsoft Office Specialistor similar is required.
  • Experience of working on multiple projects and priorities, with different stakeholders.
  • Analytical mindset, the capability to interpret data and drive business conclusions.
  • Ability to work across functions and locations.
  • Excellent touch-typing skills.

General requirements

If you would like to join Tunnll’s team you are able to demonstrate:

  • Your English language proficiency. Tunnll is a small, but the international company. In order to communicate effectively with team members who can be located in different countries, we need a shared communication channel. The same is true for our communications with partners and customers in various locations. The English requirement for this position is English 6 / English Course B / IELTS Academic 6.5 or higher / TOEFL iBT total score of 575. All applicants who wish to apply for a position at Tunnll must document that they have met the English requirements for the position. Even applicants with English as their first language must document that they meet the requirements for the position they have applied for.
  • Your understanding of how new products are developed and launched into the market. This can be demonstrated with a certificate of completion of a course like Digital Product Management: Modern Fundamentals or a similar course.
  • Your deep understanding of how remote and distributed teams are organized and how they are different from co-located teams. We highly recommend books on the topic: The Ultimate Guide to Remote Work by Zapier, No Excuses: A Definitive Guide to Building a Remote Team by by HubStaff, DRiVE by RemoteWorkHub, Remote by Basecamp and The Art of Staying Productive even Across Distance by Wrike.
  • At least 3 months of experience working in a remote and distributed team by providing a reference letter from the previous employer.
  • Your business communication proficiency in a remote and distributed working environment (a certificate of completion of any related online course like Communication in Virtual and Mobile Work or Communication in the 21st Century Workplace is required).
  • Your proficiency in using communication tools like Microsoft Teams and Outlook Groups (certificates of completion of any related online course like Teams – Communicate as a team or Groups – Increase your group work capabilities are required).

Workplace requirements

Remote and distributed teams enjoy great flexibility in terms of where from and when the team members do their work. You can even work with your laptop from a beach in Thailand, but it is very important that the workplace conditions stay reliable and uninterrupted. All remote team members in Tunnll are required to organize their workplaces to meet the following requirements:

  • The workplace should be a single, ideally separated room with no interruptions by noises, other people, etc.
  • To allow uninterrupted video calls, a headset/microphone with a noise cancellation feature should be used.
  • The workplace should be connected to a stable high-speed internet connection (at least 100 MB/s) ideally backed up with a secondary connection for redundancy.
  • The working computer should have at least 16GB of RAM for engineers and designers and at least 8GB for the rest of roles.
  • The working computer should be properly maintained on a regular basis (security updates, disk cleanup, antivirus checks, dust cleaning, etc.).

Compensation levels

Initial proposal

The size of the proposed compensation may depend on your experience, demonstrated professional skills and your communication skills. For entry-level positions (no or small experience) we may find it reasonable to propose a level of compensation which is typical for your current location (example).

Growing the compensation rate as we work together

We are interested in investing in long-term relationships and that is why all compensations are subject to regular increases based on factors like gained experience, overall time spent in the company, number of new books read over the working period and number of the successfully completed online courses.

Remote or not?

Tunnll is a 100% remote-friendly workplace, but if your preference is teamwork in a modern and comfortable office in a great location, we would be glad to accommodate you in one of our focus locations (currently Barcelona and Madrid in Spain and Milton Keynes in the UK).

Why this position is cool

  • Remote from day one. Tunnll has been a remote setup from day one. This means we know what is good for being remote and how to overcome the shortcomings of the distributed setup.
  • Flexible schedule. You can work 9 to 5 or at night or early in the morning – or at any other time slots suitable for you as long as they overlap with the working hours of the rest of the team;
  • Interesting projects. You will work on projects that matter and which make people’s lives better;
  • High-quality tools provided. We provide all team members with full access to the high-quality productivity and development products from Microsoft (Office 365, SharePoint, etc.).
  • Informal and flexible atmosphere. Do you have a suit? Good, you do not need one at this position;
  • Your voice can be heard. The more experience you accumulate over time, the more freedom in decision making you will get.

Why you should join

We are a team with a flat organizational structure with each team member doing tasks he or she really enjoys doing. Please, check out the Open positions page to know more about how our team works. Would like to know even more? You can read about what we do and how we do it by reading our News and Blog pages or by simply searching the Web for “Tunnll”. There is a quite a decent amount of news and mentions of Tunnll from various newspapers, media outlets, and other sites.

Whom we expect to see in the team

We prefer to enhance our team with generalists because they tend to perform more efficiently compared to a specialist in ever-changing situations. That means that it is absolutely ok if you lack some specific skills in your CV, but it also means that the range of the tasks assigned to you will be very broad.

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