Senior Full Stack Engineer

Teji Mandi , Anywhere · · Full-time employment · Programming

We are looking for a Senior full-stack engineer like you to join us in building and managing our entire tech stack. If you are an outstanding result oriented engineer biased towards delivering an outstanding end-user experience, expertise with both Frontend and Backend Architectural patterns and best practices, with a keen inclination towards tracking and measuring and innate ability to learn new things quickly, then this position is for you.

Your day to day job will include coding scalable real-time systems, extracting milliseconds of performance out of SQL query and creating pixel-perfect mobile applications on our current stack that includes PHP, NodeJS, GraphQL & REST, MySQL, Postgres, K8S, Flutter, React.

We also expect you to mentor other engineers towards building well documented, testable and maintainable software systems.


- Design, Develop and implement the overall architecture to support our Apps and website

- Create “Pixel-perfect” Mobile and Web implementation of our approved user interface

- Design and deployment of our database

- Ensuring the entire stack is designed and built for speed, scalability, testability, debugging

- Design and construction of our REST and GraphQL API - Integrating our front-end UI with the constructed API

- Design and implementation of continuous integration and deployment


At least 5 years experience with:

- A relevant back-end programming language like PHP, JavaScript, Java etc.

- Database design and management, including being up on the latest practices and associated versions

- Writing scalable, distributed systems.

- Server management and deployment for the relevant environment

- Familiarity with GraphQL and REST-based patterns

- Writing Modern Web or Native/Cross-Platform Mobile Apps.

- Familiarity with one or more front-end frameworks like React, Vue, Angular, React, Svelte, Flutter, Xamarin, React Native etc

- Familiarity with Reactive programming and patterns like RxJs/RxJava, CQRS, Eventing systems

- Thorough understanding of user experience

- Experience implementing testing platforms and unit tests

- Proficiency with Git

- Appreciation for clean and well-documented code

What to expect in an interview

0) Screening (coding round) - If applicable

1) One theoretical Round for checking knowledge on Backend and Front-end development

2) One High Level and Low-Level system design

3) One/Two coding problems (depending on performance)

4) One round with CPO / CEO (if Required)

No longer accepting applications