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ReactJS developer for EdTech product "going viral"

Socratease , Anywhere · · Full-time employment · Programming

1. Summary: Front-end Developer well-versed in Javascript and ReactJS

2. Company Background: Socratease ( is a platform to create and share interactive e-Learning content. Think Shopify for EdTech. We have developed a unique pedagogy that makes it easy to build engaging and adaptive learning experiences.

3. Product Background: Socratease's latest offering is AutoProctor ( 40 days since launch, we have raked up more than 1.6 Lakh Installs. AutoProctor uses AI to ensure that students do not cheat on online tests. Try the demo out for yourself. We bet you will be impressed! Due to COVID, hundreds of schools have already used AutoProctor to ensure integrity of their online tests.

Automated Proctoring on the front-end is a fundamentally new idea. We are certain that we are currently the only Company doing it! An awesome Javascript developer can make AutoProctor 10X better. Cool tech, huge impact and perfect timing, what more can you ask for!?

4. Role and Responsibilities:

a) Optimise the performance of the AutoProctor library so that it adapts to the device and network specs

b) Build more monitoring features so that more parameters are captured while determining the integrity of a test

c) Improve the UI and layout of the different pages

d) Modularise the AutoProctor library

5. Technical Requirements:

a) 2+ years Experience in ReactJS, Javascript, jQuery, CSS

b) Good aesthetic sense in UI and Design

c) Thorough understanding of OOPS

d) Familiarity with newer specifications of EcmaScript

e) Proficiency with browser based debugging and performance testing

6. Very Important: Check out this document to understand "Why Socratease" and what the "Soft Requirements" are.

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