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If leaving a legacy means something to you, check this out!

ConnectPlus , Anywhere, Mumbai, Bangalore · · Partner for a venture · Programming

A developer who ships new features every single week even if 'the code is working only on my machine.'

A digital marketer who can get Elon Musk to reply to DM on Twitter.

A salesperson who’s thrilled at solving customer problems even if a customer is not interested in the product.

A product manager who can eliminate features to improve the product’s value.

A designer with ‘a functionality first, yet pixel-perfect’ mindset.

That’s us, are you game?



We're looking for a tech leader who is hands on and can lead our engineering.

What drives us at ConnectPlus is the dream of building an innovative product that has customers globally.

Why we're thrilled about this opportunity

  1. Virtual communities are on the rise!
  2. July 2020 - Rank no.1 in Google home page for 'professional community app' 
  3. May 2020 - Covered in a report on 'paid communities' - the only Indian product in it
  4. April 2020 - Biggest no. of organic app downloads, the ‘work from home’ helped
  5. March 2020 - Product integration discussion with a virtual events platform who's seeing connectplus to power their user communities after the event.
  6. April 2020 - Feedback from a customer pilot - ConnectPlus looks better than Facebook Workplace, it's very light weight
  7. 2020s is about B2B SaaS
  8. 'The future of marketing is community' - Seth Godin
  9. "The future of communities is private communities" - Industry experts
  10. Blessed to have partners  SINE IIT Bombay, Nasscom10kstartups & DST Govt. of India

Why is it going to be challenging for you?

We've been going through this cycle of building, launching, customers doing trials and tech failing, re-building, re-launching, customers doing trials, and tech failing.

Here's a quick story on what has happened on our tech so far.

What's in it for you?

The role is best suited if you'd like to be a core team member of an early stage startup. Imagine working from a garage or remotely, still motivated to build for the world.

  • 10x your skills and the entrepreneur in you - Unleash Your Potential
  • Attractive equity based compensation
  • Be part of a big` mission, building a product which could be used by Sundar Pichais and Elon Musks of the world
  • Impact how millions of members interact and benefit from a community better
  • Access to great mentors, resources and our network

Roles and Responsibilities

Own the tech to start with. Your first milestone will be to figure out how to ship the product soon using any combination of the existing code, version 4 or 5 front end with version 4 or 5 backend.

Only one condition, you can't scrap what's built so far.

I can get us enough of customers who can get started with the product trial tomorrow. That’s my promise.

The promise that I want from you is that we ship an incrementally upgraded version of the product, every single week. 

Skills required

  • React Native, Redux Saga or Android Native or iOS Native or Flutter
  • Node.js, Express.js, AWS, Rest APIs
  • Ship on time
  • Ship on time
  • Timely communication and coordination
  • Ship on time
  • Ship on time

Industry leaders comments on ConnectPlus

-Linkedin (Ex) India - Head Ops: - "ConnectPlus has a fresh approach on group communication and collaboration which I haven't seen in any other products. It's very light weight and can also be used by non tech savvy users."

-Junglee founder (India's first e-commerce venture, which got acquired by Amazon) - "This product has a great UI, it's better than our product that we built as a Slack competition"

Product thinking @ ConnectPlus

46 problems with professional community apps

ChatBoxZero -  a default feature in connectplus6.0

OxygenChocolates - mindset for building a great product or service

Custom Interactions - bringing unique experiences in different communities

Not MVP, but MWP - Minimum WoW Product

Docs :  Slides : : Slack : ConnectPlus

Rituals & Philosophy @ ConnectPlus

Let’s connect+?

Speed & Momentum,


PS: If this is not for you, it will be a great help if you can share with that one particular techie friend of yours who might find this interesting. Close your eyes for 30 seconds. Got them? Pls connect for the karma. You'll have these good wishes from us.

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