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Python freelance hackers - Py3.6, flask, numba, pandas, celery, docker

RedCarpetUp , delhi · · Freelance or consulting · Programming

About RedCarpet

RedCarpet is a YCombinator 2015 startup trying to disrupt lending and credit in India. We crunch alternative data sources and use it to build honest and sustainable credit for people in India. We like to think ourselves as the next generation of credit and banking on the smartphone. We have relentlessly iterated for over three years and now are growing like crazy.

You can read more about our culture and values here -

Our apps and api are our core product and we spend a lot of effort on them. We have a fairly interesting stack - Py3.6 (f-strings FTW!), flask, numba, pandas, celery, docker, postgresql jsonb.

The Job

We would love for a topshot hacker to join us for a couple of months. We have a large application built on flask and we would love some additional firepower. Do note that you have to be someone experienced with large codebases and be able to write performance-conscious code. Experience in gevent, asyncio, celery, numpy, etc is a plus.

We will expect you to write comprehensive testcases for your code. Please be prepared for that.


Some of the most incredible developers I’ve known don’t have pretty resumes, so we have no “minimum” requirements for degrees. We’re also hyper-equal-opportunity: quality work knows no bounds for race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, or religion. If you love your work and breathe code, we’ll do amazing things together, no matter who, what, or where you are. 

We have just one criteria - you must love and respect testing. Whether it be something like TDD or believing that you will not release code without testcases.... you will find it difficult to fit in our culture if you hate testing and testcases.

We have no other criteria except your past work. 

Two other points:

  • We do put a very high premium on your past work - and especially your github and/or/if play store portfolio. Please do not forget to send that in. Please point us to your linkedin and github, etc profiles when you apply.
  • we strongly prefer people who will work out of our office. We will sufficiently cover your commute costs as well. However, this is not a blocker. We are based conveniently out of South Delhi - . we are 30 seconds from the metro station as well as being well connected by the Delhi-Gurgaon MG road.

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