Graphic Designer

SuperHuman Race Pvt Ltd , Delhi · · Full-time employment · Graphic Design

Job description 

Roles and Responsibilities: 

This position envisions demonstrated leadership ability, artistic orientation, comfort with data and analytics, and the ability to create original, breathtaking designs. This is a specialist leadership position in our Branding and Marketing department and requires creative air and exceptional understanding of requirements as well as learning agility to generate designs that are exquisite to look at and convey the intended message. This position also requires an ability to lead independently. Essential functions in this role include, but are not limited to: 

  1. Take complete ownership of SHR's visual identity and branding, review and renew SHRs brand strategy. 2. Serve as the SHR fountainhead for visual consonance and harmony across all SHR media including our web presence, social media, and marketing materials. 
  2. Lead SHRs high-performing design team from idea to execution. 
  3. Lead the initiative of building SHRs brand identity by designing a brand guidelines manual. 
  4. Collaborate with our marketing team to develop original concepts/designs for our suite of analytics, gaming, process automation, and story-telling features and dashboards. 
  5. Participate in SHRs Global Leadership Team (GLT) meetings for monthly Simulation Games to brainstorm product features and strategies for India and North America. 
  6. Lead the design team with the development of wireframes, illustrations, art, graphic design, gaming concepts, and related content for denying the user journey and experience on our web platforms. 
  7. Lead the preparation of marketing materials for promoting the product on social media, as needed.
  8. Lead design conversations with key clients and develop custom SHR dashboard themes for marquee clients in alignment with their brand vision.  
  9. Participate in product strategy meetings and support product teams in planning product milestones. 11. Participate in customer (and other external) meetings as required. 

Technical Ability : 

  1. Graduate Degree or Diploma in Design, Fine Arts or related eld. 
  2. Proficient in InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Photoshop etc. 
  3. Experience of having developed creatives and graphic design for web or application user,
  4. Advanced Degree or Diploma in Design, Fine Arts or related eld. 
  5. 2+ years of design experience with a Fortune 500 company. 
  6. Extensive experience in developing beautiful analytics or games.

 Problem Solving : 

  1. Must have analytical abilities that will be put to use in finding innovative and efficient solutions to problems.
  2. Ability to be creative and deliver high-quality work under pressure. 
  3. Ability to suggest and support novel solutions to customer problems

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