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Kabadiwalla Connect , Chennai · · Full-time employment · Business/Management

Kabadiwalla Connect is an award-winning company that provides smart waste collection and processing solutions for the cities in the developing world. Through a pioneering business process and ICT-based technology, Kabadiwalla Connect integrates the informal ecosystem into the reverse-logistics supply chain; helping brands and waste management companies recover post-consumer waste cheaply, efficiently and more inclusively for cities in the developing world. With recognition from MIT, The Ellen Macarthur Foundation, The World Bank, The World Economic Forum, Dubai Expo2020 and the Launch Circular Innovation Ecosystem, our work strongly aligns to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals — helping divert waste away from the landfill and increasing livelihood opportunities in the informal sector.

Looking for a research analyst, who can help the managers by creating business plans, business presentations, provide data insights, plan projects, research for information related to business and co-ordinate day to day operations of the company.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Create budget & financial plans using excel/google sheets
  • Create business models using excel/google sheets
  • Create project plans
  • Prepare business plans for investors
  • Prepare applications for grant funding
  • Create presentations related to marketing & business development
  • Perform statistical analyses on data and come up with insights
  • Research of market signals, operations, processes, technology
  • Organize documentation of research data & information
  • Monitoring of data collected that is related to the company’s current operations and projects
  • Developing insights from data that are related to the company’s current operations and projects
  • Help coordinating between managers and field implementation teams using data

Skills & Experience

  • Use of Excel with macros is a must
  • Ability to create business presentations using PowerPoint/google slides is a must
  • Knowledge of business and financial concepts is a must
  • Ability to co-ordinate with mangers and field implementation teams
  • Experience in creating financial plans, business plans, etc.
  • Experience in data analysis
  • Experience as a academic researcher
  • Analytical Mind
  • Creative thinking


  • MBA is preferred but not required
  • Bachelor’s in engineering or commerce

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