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iOS Engineer at Noctacam

, Bangalore · · Full-time employment · Programming

In this role, you'll:
- Build sophisticated and ambitious iOS and Android apps.
- Implement advanced computational photography algorithms, and optimise them to run in real-time with limited resources.

- If possible, deep knowledge of AVFoundation, Core Image, Core Media, Core Video and vImage
- Built at least one iOS app end to end by yourself in Swift
- 6 months experience in Swift on iOS
- Great knowledge of data structures, algorithms and time complexity.
- Writes readable, maintainable, performant code that works correctly in all cases.
- Ability to communicate nuanced ideas precisely and in an easy to understand way.
- Based in Bangalore or willing to move here.
- If possible, built an Android app end to end by yourself.

Why you should work here:
- Most mobile apps are just CRUD apps, getting data from a server, displaying it, and saving changes back to the server. Ours isn’t — this is advanced, cutting-edge work you can be proud of.
- You will work with a top-quality engineer and a small but top-quality team, and are likely to grow quicker in your career.
- If you move on after working with me for a few years, and you impress me, I’ll get you whatever job you want: iOS, Android, web frontend, backend, at a small startup, a big Indian company like Flipkart, or an MNC like Google. I know multiple founders, CEOs and engineers at many companies.
- Do you want to start a startup of your own someday? If so, you will learn here, at my cost and risk rather than yours :) If you join a bigger company, like 20 or more people, you won't be involved in all the discussions, only those that pertain to your immediate work, so you won't learn as much.
- You will learn computational photography. Since there's hardly anyone who can do both iOS and computational photography, any company that wants such a person will be forced to hire you and only you. There's an iOS engineer on every road. You don't want to be in that position. You want to be in a unique position.

About our founder (Kartick):
- Graduated from IIT Bombay with MTech in Computer Science.
- Worked at Google for almost 9 years, on most of the important products, like Google search, Youtube, Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Ads and Google News. See
- Worked on a variety of platforms like iOS, Android, web apps, mobile web apps, backend and many more.

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