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Skills - CRM and leads management; sales closing; partnerships outreach and management; ideating and building the sales inventory. The Role Do you get a kick with making a difference to the society you live in? Even better, working with people and organizations who make an impact on society? Welcome to Hasgeek, a platform for geeks to gather, talk, engage and give birth to new ideas and projects. How does this concern your role? Hasgeek is on the path to scaling (and systematizing) sales, outreach and managing partners for revenue and business development. This is important for communities on the platform to build financial wherewithal for running their activities. → Ideas need money. → Money needs sales and revenue. This is where you come in - to build and meet revenue and targets, with the drive and hunger to achieve more. Here’s what your work will involve in the first four months: First month: 1. Understand the business and customers. 2. Shadow sales meetings. 3. Get a grasp of the customer profiles to set up the CRM. 4. Develop customer personas to do research and outreach on LinkedIn and such channels. 5. Understand how to build proposals and presentations for high value clients. 6. Understand the sales closing process, including agreements, invoicing, taxation and compliance. 7. Attend one large quarterly event at Hasgeek to get a firmer understanding of community, people and product. Second month: 1. Shadow sales meetings. 2. Populate and understand how to organize the CRM. 3. Build a plan on how to open leads in subsequent months, and get sales meetings. 4. Build templates for sales proposals based on recurring demands from customers. 5. Work with accounts and finance to map sales closing and payments on the CRM. Third month: 1. Organize the CRM; oversee data entry to populate the CRM. 2. Open leads with potential customers. 3. Own follow-up with leads that are already open. 4. Develop customer personas to support outreach for projects, where marketing results in increasing the sales pipeline. 5. Review revenue goals for the quarter; plan sales inventory and outreach. Fourth month: 1. Own the process/workflow for updating the CRM and keeping it current. 2. Report on revenue targets; review sales inventory for upcoming quarter. 3. Own the sales leads opening process. 4. Set up a system for invoicing and payments on the CRM; work with accounts to own the process and integrate with weekly reporting. Overall, your responsibilities include: 1. Engage with people continuously; understand their needs and how these map to the sales inventory. 2. Own, oversee and update the CRM. 3. Care for customers, and deliver outcomes promised to customers. 4. Identify opportunities by paying close attention to people and products. 5. Be detailed and meticulous - in making presentations, proposals and follow-ups. 6. Always keep your eyes on the numbers and targets - and how to make these better. Skills that matter for this role 1. Proficiency in working with CRM; experience working with Zoho CRM is a big plus! 2. Good English language communication skills - written and spoken. 3. Ability to work with Canva/PPT or any presentation making tools is good. 4. Good business communication skills. 5. Prior experience working in advertising, media, account management or customer success is a significant advantage. 6. Passionate about taking ownership of work and getting a kick out of sales; understanding the importance of numbers, and being target-oriented! What it is like to work on Sales and Partnerships at Hasgeek 1. Work with result oriented people. The numbers you achieve will speak for your good work. 2. Documenting processes and workflows is boring but highly liberating because it makes room for more creativity. 3. Automating your own work is challenging - but the ease it brings in terms of meeting targets is far more reassuring. 4. We are a small team. Everyone has overlaps on work with others. We value team members who work collaboratively, and seamlessly with others in the team, especially more so for a dispersed and remote team. 5. Own and develop your own strategies and run with them! We like gazelles! 6. Be part of a business that has real customers, and a continuously growing pool of ideas and needs for multiple revenue streams. Why Hasgeek 1. We obsess about customer focus, and we keep an ear to the ground to identify customers’ needs. 2. We care about and incorporate values in our work - diversity, parity, and a culture of peer review and debate. 3. We believe that people have to own their work, and not be told what to do - we are not babysitters. We are enablers, and facilitators of your growth journey. 4. We are obsessed with documentation and processes - and making your work redundant if you have to move to the next level of growth. 5. We care about your health - 21 days of paid leave across the year, health insurance for you and two dependents from your family. 6. We believe in trusting the people we work with - hence, we give you a budget for buying your laptop or phone. What Hasgeek will not give you 1. A daily work schedule. We are not spoon-feeders. 2. Protection from facing customers - you will interact with customers, and you will interact with all kinds.

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