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Principal Computer Vision Engineer -

Augmented Reality Media Corp , Hyderabad · · Full-time employment · Programming

We need a driven and dynamic Principal Computer Vision Engineer to support the rapid expansion of a super cool platform startup that’s (just as rapidly) refreshing a well-established industry. And because it’s bringing innovation to a space that’s never had it (and definitely needed it), it’s making a huge impact on people’s lives. So if you want to get involved at the ground level of something big, then this job might be for you.

The company is a nascent startup –– there’s a collegial culture full of humble, happy, and hardworking people. You’ll definitely love where you’re working, but most importantly, you’ll also love who you’re working with. They’re not out to just hire “employees” here –– they want to bring on new members of a team, who will go on an adventure together to build something incredible.

As the Principal Computer Vision Engineer, you’ll be driving the charge to develop a device SDK that integrates LiDAR, 360 Cameras, GPUs and other onboard sensors. And because we’re bringing new technology to an old industry, we sit at the most exciting crossroads for talent ––  you’ll get to work with a wide range of roles, from seasoned engineers all the way to some of the brightest, most brilliant young minds.

Above all else though, we prioritize making meaningful connections –– we deeply value the opportunity to establish authentic, long-term relationships. We want to make sure each and every person has an excellent experience with us at every point, from initial interaction all the way through to interview and beyond.

You should be comfortable with being given autonomy and and confident in taking ownership. You won’t just be working on tasks; you’ll be completing missions, and a LOT of missions at that. You should be energetic and enthusiastic, with an innate ability to genuinely empathize with and empower people. You’ve never met a stranger –– in fact, you’re that rare kind of person who makes everyone feel like an old friend.

And while you’ll always be given the support you need, for true success in this role, we need someone who can step up as a leader.  If you are driven to deliver high level, high quality results and you want to join a team that’s doing the same, this could be the perfect position.


• Create and manage device SDK
• Act as the lead engineer with the Object Recognition & Tracking swimlane
• Onboard new team members and training
• Own 2-3 core modules as a individual contributor
• Run a weekly code review process
• Review design documents of your teammates
• Work with co-founders and coordinate project planning to align with customer demos and launch dates
• Create data pipelines and integrate with the production infrastructure
• Manage team morale and have fun


• Fundamanetal knowledge of operating systems
• Familiarity with Graphs, Trees and complex datastructures
• Fluent with C/C++/C#, Javascript, Python, Node.js, JSON, Protobuf, Msgpack
• Experience with data pipelines, map / reduce, CI/CD frameworks
• Experience with CuDNN, Yolo, TensorFlow, Keras, OpenCV, Darknet a plus
• Experience with GNUPlot, HighCharts, D3.js and other graphing libraries a plus
• Experience with Optimization pipelines, greedy search algorithms a plus
• Experience with LiDAR tracking algorithms, PointNet, VoxelNet, BLAM or SLAM a plus
• Experience with AutoEncoders, Clustering, Feature Engineering a plus
• Strong scientific mindset with lab based methodology preferred
• 6+ years of related experience in Computer Vision
• Degree in computer sciences or related fields, or demonstratable equivalent knowledge and experience. 
• Able to communicate effectively and professionally to our external tech partners and internal teams. 
• Strong understanding of ROS, OpenCV, machine learning frameworks for training and inference


• Great debugging skills - model activiation visualizations, performance metrics and graphing
• Flexibility in different programming languages and development environments. 
• Project management skills and an ability to prioritize amongst many tasks

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