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Co-founder & Senior Software Engineer

Sanchit Garg , Anywhere · · Partner for a venture · Programming

Do you struggle to manage your investments? Are you comfortable investing in equities/ mutual-funds? Do you have a optimum portfolio allocation for long term wealth creation? Do you aspire to be financially free?

Given the pleothora of investment options out there and complicated financial jargons, most of the retail investors struggle in making the right investements. We are trying to build a SaaS based platform for the retail investors and help them set on the path to financial freedom. If this seems interesting to you, please reach out. We are currently a team of 2 and also being supported by an Angel Investor.

We are looking for team members for our Core Technical team who could help develop and build the platform. The role will initially be part time. The idea is to come out with a POC and get some traction before jumping in to a full time mode. We are trying to build this company in a boot-strapped manner.

Responsibiities will include handling all technology related activities and coding/ developing the platform. Essentially looking for someone who is crazy about start-ups and looking to build one 6 months down the line. Should have built technology products in the past and be well verse with full-stack development. The person needs to be hands-on in deveopment and well versed with Python/ JavaScript. Work-ex: 5-10 years.

Equity would be proportional to work/ contribution/ value addition.

Important points:
*We are at the very initial stages of ideation
* Platform needs to be built from scratch
* Initially part-time, **no salary**
* If things work-out, need to join full time after 6 months or so.
* We plan on having a dynamic equity allocation system
* You must be itching to build a start-up
* There are no guarantees anywhere, if this doesn't work-out we'll try something else

No Salary huh? Why should I be interested?*
* Opportunity to build your own company
* Lots of learning in terms of personal finance, managing investments, etc (even though there is no salary, you can make way more money by improving your investments)
* At the end of the day, all of us would definitely learn something new and meet interesting people

Current team
* I have done my MBA from IIM Indore and B.Tech from IIIT Delhi. Overall 5+ years of work-ex. Working in a start-up since almost 4 years.
* Team member 2: MBA from IIFT Delhi, B.Tech from NIT Warangal. 5+ years of work-ex. Crazy about startups.

You can read about my story here.
Please reach out if this interests you.

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