About Us

Powerplay is a tool that helps construction project owners and contractors track on-site progress in real-time to finish projects on time and within budget. We aim to bring the speed of software development to infrastructure development.

Founded by IIT Roorkee alumni and backed by industry experts, we are on a mission to help the second largest industry in India-Construction make a transition from pen and paper to digital.

About the team

As a productivity app startup, we value productivity and ownership the most. That helps raise our own bar and the bar of people we hire.

We follow agile and scrum approaches for product development and uses best of class tools and practices. Measuring our progress on a weekly basis and iterating fast enables us to build breakthrough modules and features rapidly.

If you join us, You will be constantly throw into difficult situations. Decisions that you take, will directly impact our clients and sales. That's how we learn.

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