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Do you want to do something that totally changed the world? Do you want to truly do something that enabled millions of creators, designers and people find a new way to lead their lives, do business globally? What if one day, the history pages credited you for helping design an exponential organization? That is what we are working on.

We began this journey a few years ago but what we are working on right now is a complete new avatar, new use cases and in stealth. Yes, the name is known but not what we are working on. 

We are looking for a tech lead who is a full stack developer and has ambitions of one day becoming the company's CTO. We have a seed round and our focus will be to raise a Series A soon on the back of what we are working on now. This will give ample room for wealth creation. We will also be able to pay a small salary per month till then.

Ideal Candidate: One who has figured out how to pay his bills so he is now able to create wealth. If you are on that path, we will pay a salary that will help take care of your expenses.

Technologies: LAMP, Android/iOS app development

Experience: Not time based but ability based. If you are a college grad that has done amazing stuff, you're welcome. If you are an under grad that has done cool stuff and wants to do cool stuff, look forward to that do. In short, demonstrable experience is more important than "Time or Number of Years". 

Degree: If you have a great degree, great. Else, personal pedigree is what we will be looking for.

Our only constraint: you have to be in Bangalore. No remote workers. If you are in South Bangalore, even more better. 

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