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Ezzix Technologies , Pune · · Partner for a venture · Programming

  • Head Build Change's Technology Division
  • Implement Build Change's strategy
  • Represent Build Change in front of key technology stakeholders such as donors, partners, subcontractors, and clients
  • Lead Build Change's software development team
  • Nurture and recruit required talent for the Technology team, and support the Build Change's programs around the world in recruiting and/or sourcing new software development talent
  • Manage the timely delivery of work packages from remote coding capacities, including Build Change software based in other countries and non-Build Change software developers working for third-party software development service providers
  • Manage the referencing of existing in-house developed software and the establishment of an internal code depository
  • Ensure that all global systems are accessible, branded, operational and disruption-free
  • Establish cyber-security protocols and manage their implementation across all activities
  • Ensure program-balanced budgets
  • Ensure that deliverables/milestones for projects for which you are responsible are delivered according to time and budget
  • Be solution-oriented and ensure the timely delivery of functioning client-ready mobile applications and web portals in accordance with allocated resources
  • Train and mentor the coding team under your responsibility
  • Produce internal monthly reports and, when required, internal reports for the CEO and Board of Directors

Other Responsibilities


  • Support business development efforts to develop technology components in concepts and proposals
  • Support the CEO and the business development team in creating and delivering presentations' slide decks, sales pitches, and promotional videos with the objective of securing new funding for Build Change technology-related activities
  • Support the development of a business model and monetization strategy from Build Change technology services and products
  • Perform additional duties as required by your supervisor.


Your experience includes:

  • Managing the delivery of software work packages from large teams consisting of developers reporting to you as well as from third-party software development providers
  • Rolling out and ensuring the maintenance of mobile applications and web portals
  • Managing de-localized teams, including team members in similar time zones and developers in very different time zones
  • Working closely with product design and business teams to bring a software product to market
  • Recruiting developers as well as building and maintaining a software development team
  • Contractually managing the performance and timely delivery of software deliverables produced by third-party software development providers
  • Developing and rolling out Artificial Intelligence (AI) functionalities
  • Developing and rolling out Augmented Reality (AR) or Mixed Reality (MR) functionalities
  • Experience calibrating and rolling out UXs for non-technical / everyday users

You are able to:

  • Recruit and manage a team consisting of, but not limited to, the following specialties:
  • Angular developers
  • Full Stack developers
  • Machine Learning engineers
  • Dot Net developers
  • Dev Ops
  • UI/UX Designer
  • AWS and Azure expert.

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