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I want to start this journey with a question: How Important are Electricity, Water, Gas for you? Can you imagine a day with interrupted power, water shortage, no gas ?

This problem is not limited to demand and supply, its also about conservation, awareness and empowering the users to monitor their usage patterns, their billing cycle and promoting responsible consumption.

We are achieving this at Exceleron Software by providing patented utility solutions, where users and utilities can monitor the usage and their bills on daily/hourly/monthly intervals.

With the ability of knowing how much you consume on a given day, you will try to optimise your costs, make sure the unused appliances are turned off, which is currently resulting in approx 11% of conservation. (please refer to the white papers, research on

About Company: (We are in Right Company, with Right Company)

Exceleron Started 17 years ago providing IVR related solutions to the telecom industry in Dallas,TX USA. after successfully delivering the product iterated to expand the business case to utilities who have been facing huge volumes of calls to CSRs, Bad Debt, missed records of usage information.

Culture :

We are happy people who smile everyday coming to work, we love what we do, and we enjoy the responsibility and challenges in front of us, challenges are not just limited to solving technical problems, but pulling legs of toughest guys , to making wish lists to next treats, not missing any opportunity ( If you jumped a traffic signal = Penalty treat, if you bought a new mobile treat, if cop catches you and fines  we have a treat for that, if he doesn’t we have a treat … in the essence We have hell lot of fun, and personally I only see my weight increasing since I joined 2 years back. some people have contradicting opinions on this matter! )

Exceleron suite of applications are provided from dedicated cloud, without need of firmware upgrades and regular maintenance and need of person to travel and record the readings.

Systems Interact through various channels, GSM/CDMA Data, RF Mesh, Power Line Communication to name a few.

While dealing with voluminous data, we need to consider the security, scalability and efficacy. Your focus should be on making the information relevant, actionable, informative and visual.

In this pursuit, we want to enhance the application appeal in terms of UI,UX, which we believe should go hand in hand with the application design, development process.

Exceleron Artistic Manifesto

We are looking for a front end developer with experience and insight to bring the “Art+Science” Dimension to the Strong technical backend.

Role of the "Alchemist" would be to bring the best of user's interactions, make them more informative,visual and visually appealing,simple and elegant.

You will be responsible for design of the flows, UI for various landscapes , making the best use of landscapes,Information, and Human aspects.

You should be a Team player, and Individual contributor who can contribute to the overall improvement of our complex backend. You should be able to connect the cross roads of Art and Technology.

Visual Design - Extraordinary visual design skills a must; Should be able to conceptualise and design visual design themes including design of hi-fidelity / finished looking UIs and Icons. Team work - Experience in working with multifunctional team of UX Designers, Solution Management/Subject Matter Experts and Development.

Interaction Design: Should have very good interaction design skills (based on sound knowledge of the User Centred Design Methodology); Should be able to convert business & user requirements into highly usable, innovative, contemporary and appealing UI Designs (IA/UI Architecture, Navigation, Layout, Content, etc); Experience in designing for multiple devices/channels (responsive design) is desired.

Experience : 6-10 Years (relevant)

Technical Skills -

Expert Level (Demonstrated): HTML 5,CSS,JavaScript,JQuery , Bootstrap, Experience in designing

UI for Enterprise level software, Information Visualisation, Optimisation Skills.

Basic Understanding of Angular/Moustache, Modern CSS Frameworks,Client side MVC.

Communication - Good English communication and presentation skills is mandatory

Soft Skills - Self-motivated, Creative & Innovative, Pragmatic, Demonstrates maturity & Emotional Intelligence.

I hope our challenges, and the problems we are solving intrigues, challenges and makes you explore and make you want to spend more time with us at Exceleron.

This is an Independent contributor role, with lot of responsibility. Person should be able to understand the trends, vision and ability to lead the development and design teams from the idea to inception for our enhancements and product line. Please give a thought and read to our expectations before posting. We go through your profiles carefully and Don't intend to offend or discard candidates who don't understand the requirements clearly.

Feel free to ask questions, because this decision of yours is as important to us as it is to you.

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