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FrontEnd Web Developer Intern

DefiZap , Anywhere · · Internship · Programming

What is the name of the Company?


What does it do?

DeFiZap creates Zaps.  Zap is a smart contract that auto-spreads incoming deposits across various investment tools eg Compound, Fulcrum, TokenSets and others, in a single transaction and based on pre-set allocations - bypassing many manual steps. You can send ETH to a Zap contract of your choosing and receive allocated tokens. For example, Lender Zap allocates incoming deposits 90% to cDai and 10% to dLETH2x. Therefore, if you send 1 ETH to this Zap, you will receive 0.9 ETH's worth of cDai and place a 2X margin trade with 0.1 ETH on Fulcrum (giving you exposure to 0.2 ETH). Lender's Zap is interesting because, within a year, the interest generated from cDai could completely cover your margin trade purchase. Think of it as trading with your future interest earned.

When did the Company start?

DeFiZap was launched just so recently in the Kyber’s Virtual Hackathon in October 2019.

Wow, that’s like just a week old and you guys are a Company! Do not you guys think you are moving pretty fast?

Yes, we are! It is a mixed feeling.  We did not anticipate this much traction from the world for our product right after our launch (  Taking this into account and the requests that we have received, we now feel, we are running too slow

So are you guys funded?

DeFiZap is the newest kid in the DeFi blockchain space.  We are just 3 guys doing this in and out. We have received some investor interest, but, tbh, we are right now struggling to juggle time between meeting the user demands or making a deck for the investors.  That is why we are out in the market looking for some kind talent asap.

So what’s in it for me?

If I am in your shoes, this is what I see:

  1. A super-duper brand new project team, who seems to have a prod that is being liked by many;

  2. A HUGE list of things TODO;

  3. No money (yes, it will sadly, not be a paid internship till we get funded);

  4. BUT, potentially a VERY HIGH-INTENSITY LEARNING EXPERIENCE, that will be appreciated by any Company

  5. Hmmm; I will be literally working on the development of the core product {as an Intern, I will jump on it}, I will be independent, running my show mostly alone {only with the headache of delivering the best asap}

So, if all of this sounds fun to you (tbh, you got some vision bro!) then hit me up.

It will be a totally remote work, no office, no hardware provided by us.  You are free to roam the world and do stuff however and wherever you like (just that it has to be the best in quality and time).

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