Software and Support Engineer

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Do you have a passion for hacking software and electronics?  Do you dream of making things people love?  Do you have experience with the Raspberry Pi and Arduino?

Dexter Industries is a growing educational robotics company that develops robot kits to make learning how to code more fun and accessible to everyone!  Dexter Industries sells thousands of robots throughout the world to classes, camps and companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon. 

We are a team of passionate people that believe in our mission to build great products that help people learn.  We have the excitement and growth of a small team, and the stability of a company that has been boot-strapped and is profitable.

Our business is growing and we are developing new robots!  We are looking for a bright and enthusiastic candidate to help us develop new products and work directly with community on our Forum to solve problems.  This role is technical: you will be an integral part of our technical team, developing firmware, software, tutorials, and supporting customers.

The Responsibilities

  • Software development in Linux, Python, and Bash.
  • Develop new software examples on the Raspberry Pi.
  • Community support through our forums and knowledgebase.
  • Create new tutorials for our products and the Raspberry Pi.

The Candidate

We prefer enthusiasm, passion, and creativity over pedigree!  In particular, we are interested in seeing projects that you have made with the Raspberry Pi, Arduino, or other development boards.  There are no particular education requirements for this position, but we will assess your technical aptitude and interest! 


  • Impeccable written and spoken English
  • Strong Linux and Bash Scripting Experience, preferably with the Raspberry Pi
  • Strong empathy for customers, patience in dealing with novice community and ability to explain step-by-step instructions clearly

Nice to Have:

  • Microcontroller and Electronics Experience
  • Github Experience
  • Strong experience in Python, Java, OR NodeJS

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