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Full stack developer in senior and team lead role

CodelogicX , Kolkata · · Full-time employment · Programming

Codelogicx is a growing IT company working across various startup applications that are steadily growing to make a mark of its own. From a micro finance lending platform in Africa to an in-house residential complex management platform, quite a few interesting things are happening at Codelogicx. 

We are hiring programmers in senior level, mid level roles who can also level up as team leads. They should have been leading the projects and should be good at mentoring juniors. Ideal candidate should have the skills below:

Strong Programming skills: Excellent skills in arrays, strings, graphs, sorting, searching, iterating. Advanced OOPS, functional programming and dynamic programming concepts and skills. Reactive programming skills (good to have). Strong understanding of algorithms and code performance. Code optimization. Advanced logical problem-solving abilities. Authoritative Javascript, PHP, Python or Go knowledge. Extensive knowledge of design pattern, DRY, KISS, SOLID etc. Good knowledge of threads, processes and parallel execution. Excellent capabilities in software design and architecture. 

Software application development skills: Excellent debugging abilities. Error handling. Coding conventions. Secure coding practices and in-depth knowledge of OWASP vulnerabilities. Excellent Git skills. Writing tests for critical software components. Swagger & REST API. Writing micro services and lambda functions. Knowledge of regular expressions. Job queues and cron. Decent knowledge of PHP, Node.js and Python extensions and libraries. DOM and BOM. Front end scripting Vue/React/Angular. 

Good knowledge of Javascript and PHP ecosystem: EcmaScript 6/ Typescript, Commonjs, Requirejs, Gulp, Grunt, Babel, Browserify/Webpack, npm. PHp7.3, composer, codeception, PHP_codesniffer, xdebug

Strong database and search technologies skills: Able to write high performing and optimized SQL queries for high traffic API calls. Ability to tune and optimize sql queries. Handwritten sql queries for microservices. Experience in working with relational database with sizes over multiple Gigs (preferably over 100gigs) and tables sizes over tens of million rows which does not include blob or text fields.

In-depth knowledge of working with in-memory database like redis, riak. Should have maintained in-memory database which are at least few Gb in size. Have extensive experience in modern search technologies Elastic search and Solr.

Scalability skills: Code optimization. Memory usage optimization. Database bottleneck analysis and query tuning. Query performance analysis. Speeding up HTTPS requests. Caching strategies and in-memory database use. Linux tuning. 

Decent knowledge of security and cryptography: Oauth2, MFA, 2 factor authentication. Data encryption and decryption strategies for data at rest and in transfer. Knowledge of PKI, public key, private key. SSL, TLS, HTTPS and Cipher suites. Digital certificates and certificate chain. SSH and tunneling. Hash functions and MAC. VPN tunnels. Excellent knowledge of cryptographic libraries in Javascript, PHP, Python/Go. 

Decent knowledge of Linux: File systems. Permissions in Linux. Inbuilt tools and utilities. System and application performance monitoring. Log analysis. 

Selection  procedure

  • Shortlisted candidates will be sent a HackerRank link for an online test
  • Candidates shortlisted there will be interviewed by a recruitment technical team from Bengaluru. 
  • Final candidates will need to appear in person for a final technical interview at the company office in Kolkata

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