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Lead Backend Developer

BlockVigil Inc. , Bengaluru · · Full-time employment · Programming

At BlockVigil we believe in blockchains as the way to transform the internet and help build a better future. Our team’s primary focus is to be the gateway to blockchains. The impending impact of blockchains is going to be big. We’ve positioned ourselves as the company that helps enable every developer to build on blockchains. The challenges will be big, learnings will be around every corner, but we can promise an exciting ride. Sounds appealing? Read on below.

Lead Backend Engineer

BlockVigil is a smart API gateway that abstracts away the decentralized, distributed nature of underlying blockchain platforms and exposes their primitives as familiar REST interfaces over HTTP(S). We are working on the hard problem of enabling rapid development on blockchain for enterprises of any scale or even individual developers. Our focus is on leveraging on, rather than disrupting, the existing paradigms of development practices/processes, libraries and frameworks, technical staff and resources etc.

To qualify for any lead role at BlockVigil, at a fundamental level, you have to be a polymath, quick learner, self-directed, self-accountable and precisely communicative. Team management skills and experience with the same would be preferred.  

As a lead backend engineer, you will be working on our present tech stack that involves Node.js, Python, RabbitMQ, Redis and MySQL.

Your responsibilities

  • Review and improve upon the current microservices based architecture.

  • Write comprehensive tests that cover mission critical, stateful aspects of the distributed system.

  • Containerize the microservices for ease of deployment and smooth interoperation with the DevOps team.

  • Decide on and implement appropriate strategies for interprocess communication and/or RPC, caching, service discovery, configuration management etc. as the architecture evolves to maintain a consistent state under increased throughput.

  • Educate future junior hires on necessary development practices and seed a culture of responsible programming.

  • Build, fail, repeat. Consistently. Over days, weeks, months and years, that’s how a successful product is built.

  • Take care of yourself and switch off after a job well done.



  • Experience in building, debugging and optimizing high volume, high throughput production scale systems

  • Solid production experience in Python

  • Practical skin in the game experience in matters of concurrency and parallelization

  • Clear communication regarding pain points and stumbling blocks in work

Highly desirable

  • Ability to pick up the fundamentals of unfamiliar languages for eg. Go, Rust because your principles are solid

  • Solid understanding of data structures like trees, graphs and algorithms that traverse and manipulate such structures

  • Be able to connect seemingly unrelated dots in math, cryptography, data structures, economics, game theory

  • Can navigate your way around the complete tech stack

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Job Perks

  • Equity in the company.
  • Team trips and treks

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