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4 Bioinformatics Projects-based Internship Positions based on Linux, MySQL and R

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BIOINFORMATICSHARMA is a MSME-D officially registered in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad (India) with 2 of its 4 NIC: National Industry Codes Portfolios dedicated to Bioinformatics Scientific R&D and Bioinformatics Education. Founded by Alumnus of BITS Pilani, IBAB Bengaluru and SggW Poland (Europe), towards realizing its Vision of Team-based Bioinformatics Mentorship unrestricted to Indian Geography and at the same time focused on Global Bioinformatics Community, Applications are invited for the Following 4 Bioinformatics Projects-based Internships. Eligibility Condition includes BSc/ BTech/ MSc/ MTech/ PG Diploma/ MPhil/ PhD/ PostDoc in Bioinformatics (OR) Computational Biology. Passionate Candidates from Any Scientific Discipline are most encouraged to Apply, provided they Aim and Look Forward to transition into Higher Education/ Career for a Long-term in the Bioinformatics Arena.

PROJECT-1)   Genomic Analysis of the Pathogenicity Factors from E.coli Strain O157:H7 and EHEC StrainO104:H4

Here, we aim to demonstrate how BLAST (Basic Local Alignment Search Tool) can be used to Compare 2 Whole Genomes, with an Objective to find Open Reading Frames (ORFs) that are unique to one Genome.

PROJECT-2)   Limits of BLAST and Homology Modeling

Given there is no Strict-and-Fast correlation between "E-values" and "Necessarily BAD results" in BLAST, it follows that the Basic Local Alignment Search Tool alone is, sometimes insufficient to deduce Homologs sequences. Here, we apply a-priori Knowledge coupled with Secondary and Tertiary Structure Predictions to overcome this routine Problem.

PROJECT-3)   Virtual Sequencing of pUC18c

In order to "Simulate" Sequencing the pUC18c cloning vector, this Bioinformatics Project is divided into 3 steps (i) Downloading the Cloning Vector, (ii) Running a Virtual Sequencing Program; (iii) Assembling these virtual sequences so as to "Finish" the pUC18c cloning Vector.

PROJECT-4)   Querying for Potential Redox-Regulated Enzymes

This Project is motivated by a Biochemistry-dependent Scientific background to search for topologically close Cysteines in Protein Structure Files. "Trx" (Thio-redoxins) are a Group of Proteins that catalyze the Formation or Cleavage of Disulfide Bonds near the Protein Surface, thereby Regulating the Activity of some Enzymes, that we systematically query

Apply by Sunday,  4th April-2021. Candidate's Skillset in Linux, MySQL, R is unassumed and He/She will be Mentored !!

The Virtual Bioinformatics Internship Time-slots are Weekdays, Mondays to Fridays 9-10 pm IST (GMT + 05:30 hrs).

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