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Build UI for a global developer tool

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We are building a product for engineers and developers. Our product is in very early stages (pre-product market fit), so we aren’t describing it in this document. The company is founded by alumni from BITS Pilani. In the past we have founded & sold multiple startups and also built products at other successful startups such as Exotel, Ezetap, Flipkart &

We are three founders - Abhishek Nayak, Arpit Mohan & Nikhil Nandagopal. Arpit & Nikhil have been engineers for many years and are building a product that they would have loved to use in their previous organizations. The startups we have built in the past have been funded by Sequoia Capital, Accel Partners, and YCombinator.

Email us at: careers @


We’ve raised an unannounced large seed round.

What will you be doing?

Our product has a fairly complicated UI and you will be responsible for building it. You’ll need to walk the fine line between simplicity of use and complexity of features. You’ll play a key role in deciding features and their design. You will also architect and design the front-end codebase to make it extensible, testable and modifiable in the future.

Must Have Skills

  • A good to great grasp of client-side frameworks such as React.js/Angular will be integral to your success.
  • A strong working knowledge of HTML & CSS will ensure that you can create those pixel-perfect pages with ease.
  • Being able to understand & design REST APIs is critical to ensure any reasonably complex functionality on the front-end.
  • A good sense for UX and ability to take design decisions.

Nice to have skills

  • Basic knowledge of server-side programming languages like Python / Java is a bonus. It’ll help you work seamlessly across the stack and also understand the complexities of a platform better. 
  • Basic knowledge of relational database systems (MySQL/PostgreSQL) or NoSQL databases such as MongoDB.
  • Open source contributions to any project is bonus.
  • Bonus points for working knowledge of container technologies (Docker, Rkt)

What do we value?

  • We value growth mindset. We are a team of learners. We read, debate, talk to other people and listen to feedback constantly. 
  • We respect ambition & courage to take on large goals. Self starters strengthen the backbone of our team. 
  • We expect consistency and reliability. Predictability just makes everyone’s life a lot smoother. 
  • We believe that little things matter. Attention to small details is critical to developing empathy with our users, our colleagues and anyone we interact with.
  • We are practical optimists. Our founding team strongly believes in a better future & we enjoy playing our part to make that future a reality.
  • We analyze problems critically and objectively. We want to work with people who do the same. 

What is the recruitment process?

As a small & early team, it’s imperative that all of us get to know each other before taking the leap. We want to ensure you succeed in your role within our team. Each conversation (in-person/video conference) with us will last about 60 mins. Typically the whole process takes between 2 - 10 business days depending on your and our schedules. Most of the process will occur over video calls, so you don’t need to worry about travel.

  1. Introductory call: A phone call with one of the founders that gives us a chance to introduce our company & product to you as well as get to know you. If you find our product vision interesting & exciting for you to work on, we will move to next steps.
  2. Technical conversation I: This is either an in-person meeting or a video call that allows for a deeper technical conversation. Expect some problem solving and pair programming to take place.
  3. Technical conversation II: Another round of in-person meeting/video call technical deep-dive with a founder/senior engineer on the team that will focus heavily on your technical chops. Expect some more problem solving and pair programming. 
  4. Culture fit conversation: An in-person conversation with our founder and quick meetings with our team members to ensure that there is a culture-fit.
  5. Extending an offer: If all goes well, we will extend an offer which includes financial benefits, equity stock grants and any other benefits.

Competitive Compensation:

  • You should expect 20L - 35L INR / annum as your salary depending on past experience and exposure to various technology frameworks. 
  • You will also get equity worth 20L - 35L INR vested over a 4 year schedule.
  • Other standard benefits include health insurance, flexible holiday schedules, and access to a library of books and courses to further your professional/personal life.

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