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Who we are?

We are serial entrepreneurs and a bunch of guys who love our tech/business. Set out to make a difference to SMEs and MSME space in the world while having loads of fun. We are very grounded and believe in strong fundamentals.

Though there are lots of cutting edge technology and progress being made in AI/ML/UX etc. - you name it - in every field, we still do not chase the glamour. We believe in providing a meaningful solution to our end customers and in the process grab the market share/make a difference.

What do we offer?

We do not believe in folks who say “Money does not matter, Money can’t buy happiness etc.” - Our counter-argument to that is, “Yes Money does not buy happiness, but can buy you a nice vacation by the beach and an ice cold beer. We have not seen many folks by the beach, holding a beer unhappy. So do the Math!”

Jokes apart, we also provide meaningful work and problem statement, excellent tech. Stack and full rounded experience on top of providing a base package that is comparable or better than Amazons of the world.

What do we expect? (Non-tech)

We expect you to be honest and transparent. Ask us what you want straight up, we will make it happen. We want someone committing long term - from our side, we promise a base salary that is at the top tier level. We are a newly formed start-up so we do not want you to build castles in the air thinking the ESOPs we give you, will buy a yacht - at least not as of yet (hence we derisk by giving you a very high base). We want us to build a unicorn together. You should be passionate about solving customer pain points. We will have to work hard, but so far we have been good about not working on weekends. We try to grab a beer on Fridays after work - Did we mention we work at WeWork where there is free beer on all weekdays after 4 PM?

What do we expect? (Tech)

Now that we have taken care of the basics, let us come to the important part. We love our techies. All of us are techies in one form or the other. We love Kent Beck, Martin Fowler, Eric Ries, Mike Cohn and all those GodFather figures of Agile and who preach good tenets of Programming.

We love our unit tests and practice TDD. But we do not take it to the extreme, we do not want you to write tests your getters and setters, but all the business logic for sure. We want you to be really good at Data Structures and Algorithms.

You are a well rounded full stack Data Scientist - What does that mean? You have put in time as a Software Engineer earlier - like taking down requirements, write user stories, write unit tests and coded in some programming language. You understand design principles. Most importantly you have pushed code to production. If you are an academician, you can skip this part. We understand you probably have a paper in a cool journal and a hardcore research bend. Then you are exempted!

Now you have experience in Programming in R, understand data science starts with Data, so you care about your domain, write validation, clean the data and understand the problem statement. You are good with basic techniques - so you always start methodically. You are very organized. You love Image processing - so you can do complicated techniques as well. You always wanted to work on Speech to Text. You love Python and PyTorch as well. You assess frameworks and understand everything has its' place. 

More than anything else, we expect you to be really cool and be a flag bearer for the company. You believe the culture is much more than free Lunch and Beer, it is about making a difference in lives through Technology. You are transparent and open to new ideas. You do think there are many smarter guys who are better than you, but you have the killer instinct to make it up by doing hard work and dedication. You understand Technology follows business and is about solving a pain point.

How to apply?

1. Send a cover letter that covers all the aspects of this job description - that is how we know you have the job description.

2. Send us your updated resume.

3. Tell us a couple of time slots that work for you and a number that we can reach out to.

4. Our interview process:

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